Does it pay to be green?

With the constant increasing focus on sustainability, many executives have asked themselves about the relationship between environmental performance and business performance. Are they mutually exclusive? More specifically, is increased focus on green technology negative, neutral or is it good for business?

According to Jens Frøslev Christensen, CBS professor and expert on innovation, people’s general perception that it does not pay to focus on green innovation, is fundamentally wrong.


At the recent Nordic Cleantech Innovation Day 2015 event, Jens Frøslev elaborated by saying, “Research on the relationship between environmental and financial performance has yielded mixed results, but mostly shows a positive relationship”


In addition to this, Jens Frøslev presented “The Content For Strategic Bets”-matrix, making it possible to assess current relevant factors in favor of sustainable innovation.


And with the currently increasing demand for sustainable products/services, now more cost-effective and scalable than ever before, it may be the right time to think green.

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