For us, a growth strategy includes an actual game plan for delivering on the full potential of our client’s opportunity and capabilities. We believe that a clear and well thought out strategy is a prerequisite for bringing any business project to a successful ending, whether a spin-out, a product launch or an exit.

We assist our client making the choices, define the principles and lay out the policies that will the project achieve its long-term goals, including:

  • Goals & objectives
  • Scope of business
  • Business model design
  • Supply chain
  • Delivery system
  • Partner strategy
  • Competitive positioning
  • Product road map
  • Go-to-market plan
  • Exit options


A successful funding project requires careful planning as well as decisive execution. We prepare a realistic valuation, a pitch deck and documentation for potential investors. We also take responsibility for managing the investor marketing process and negotiations with potential investors. A typical funding project proceeds like this:

  • Plan

    Review of strategy & business plan

    Assessment of market

    Business strategy, business model

    Go to market approach

    Budget/financial model

  • Prepare

    Planning, valuation and collaterals

    Pre-money valuation

    Funding potential


    Pitch presentation(s)

  • Pitch

    Marketing & roadshow

    Long-list & marketing plan



  • Close

    Termsheet & negotiations

    Due Diligence

    Term sheet-process




Under our brand, “Innosix”, we are on a mission to create the world’s most powerful tech-scouting and matchmaking tool for collaborative innovation. Thanks to our accurate proprietary classification of technologies and our rating of team completeness and companies’ commercial and technology readiness, we bring together technology companies and corporate partners in collaborative innovation projects, which create tangible results for both parties.

Thousands of technology innovators are ready to consider co-development projects, commercial tests and trial orders with the right corporate partner. Innosix will facilitate collaboration discussions and set up the framework for the concrete project.

In other words, we will facilitate the matchmaking process, making sure that you find and meet with the innovators most relevant for you through company visits and matchmaking workshops. We’ll even lead an informal steering group if necessary.

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We know money is tight when working on getting your start-up off the ground, but being short of cash doesn’t mean you have to go without good advice. We have developed a series of compact and actionable consulting concepts, addressing a specific challenge that many start-ups are struggling with. We call them Start-up Advice Packets, SAPs. Our SAP programme currently includes the following packets:

  • 360o company review
    Standard report, including scores for business maturity in six dimensions plus an assessment and recommendations for management focus for the next six months.
  • Team Assessment
    Detailed profile report on each team member
    Summary team assessment report, including recommendations for competence development activities and/or critical recruitment needs.
  • Strategic priorities assessment
    Summary report with an assessment of 1) strategy, 2) recommendations for review or development, 3) recommendations for strategic focus areas and actions next six months.
  • PR strategy
    Summary report with recommendations for 1) communications objectives, 2) positioning and critical messages, 3) choice of media and channels and 4) media and exposure tactics.
  • Review of Go-to-market plan
    Recommendation report with 1) review of current GTM plan, 2) Recommended strategic market position and 3) recommendation for changes to GTM plan.
  • Fundraising preparations
    Summary report with recommendations for 1) recommended pitch story line and investment case highlights and 2) detailed action plan for developing pitch deck.
  • Review of pitch decks
    Recommendation for pitch deck amendments, including 1) storyline, 2) key messages and 3) flow and design considerations.
  • Pitch training
    4-hour pitch training sessions.
  • Board Governance support
    Ongoing sparring with management and Board with benchmarking against strategic plan and support for annual planning and meeting cycle.

Customisable to your needs, our SAPs are priced at a fixed rate of only DKK 9,750 plus VAT. However, please note that our Board Governance support service is based on a monthly retainer starting at only DKK 6,000 plus VAT.