For ETEQ Venture, a growth strategy is a game plan for delivering on the full potential of our client’s opportunity and capabilities. We believe that a clear and well thought out strategy is a prerequisite for bringing any business project to a successful ending, whether a spin-out, a product launch or an exit.

We assist our client making the choices, define the principles and lay out the policies that will the project achieve its long-term goals, including:

  • Goals & objectives
  • Scope of business
  • Business model design
  • Supple chain
  • Delivery system
  • Partner strategy
  • Competitive positioning
  • Go-to-market plan
  • Exit options


ETEQ Venture is specialising in helping technology businesses with their funding requirements. We are continuously building and strengthening long-term relationships with local, Scandinavian and European tech investors. When embarking on a funding project for a new client, we always take a hands-on approach. A typical funding project proceeds like this:



Innosix creates collaborative innovation opportunities between technology companies and larger, well-established businesses. We have built Europe’s most comprehensive technology scouting platform with proprietary technology descriptions and business information on thousands of technology companies.

For technology companies, Innosix provides visibility and the opportunity to be discovered by corporate technology scouts from multinational corporations, looking for partners for joint product development or  marketing activities. We also provide our technology companies with deep peer group insights and endless opportunities to connect with other technology experts.

For our corporate partners, Innosix offers an exceptional overview of the most innovative teams on the European technology scene. Partnering with us gives technology scouts much wider reach and much higher hit-rates in the search for innovative technology partners.

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Implementing strategy is a challenge for any organisation – large or small. Implementing the strategy that motivated investors to contribute new angel or venture capital even more so. For entrepreneurs pursuing an opportunity in a hastily changing competitive environment have their hands full running the business on a day-today basis.

Therefore, ETEQ Venture is offering a range of post-funding services. Working continuously with board and management, we help newly funded companies and their investors maintaining the agreed strategic course and adjusting it if necessary. We also assist management preparing for next financing round and for eventual exit. Our services include:

    • Strategy update and follow-up

      On a regular basis we validate that rationale behind the investment case continue to hold up and – if not the case – outline possible remedies and/or corrective actions.

    • Continuous monitoring of market trends and competitor activity

      On a regular basis we validate that rationale behind the investment case continue to hold up and – if not the case – outline possible remedies and/or corrective actions.

    • Venture Investor Relations

      Even though the next funding round may still be a long way off, effective two-way communication between company and potential investors and exit partners is necessary to secure the best possible outcome. We help establishing and sustaining the investor dialogue for easier and faster access at exit or next funding round.

    • Continued exit planning

      We will continuously monitor business progress as well as M&A and Exit activity within our client’s business universe. We will provide realistic assessment of company market value, and input to possible strategic and operational change of direction to maximise exit potential

    • Facilitating the governance process

      We continuously provide shareholder-neutral insights relevant for ongoing BoD work


Our investment services for business angels and venture investors include strategic and risk/return assessments and valuation of growth companies. We evaluate the company’s market potential, go-to-market plans, business and pricing model and management team. We also assist with preparing and supervising due diligence.


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