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Is the “Unicorn” dream healthy?

An obsession for the “rare” billion dollar startups, is becoming challenging for entrepreneurship, observes Michael Eisenberg of Aleph Ventures. The term Unicorn was coined to describe a rare big opportunity that can be identified with this rare and mythical creature. Since its conception, the term Unicorns – innovative startups with a billion dollar valuation – […]

Increased interest in Open Innovation from blue chip companies

Innovation is a key driver for business success and Nordic blue chip companies are focusing more and more on the importance of Open Innovation along with its upsides. This became even more clear when ETEQ Venture hosted The Nordic Cleantech Innovation Day 2015. Experts argue that no company, no matter how big, could innovate effectively […]

Does it pay to be green?

With the constant increasing focus on sustainability, many executives have asked themselves about the relationship between environmental performance and business performance. Are they mutually exclusive? More specifically, is increased focus on green technology negative, neutral or is it good for business? According to Jens Frøslev Christensen, CBS professor and expert on innovation, people’s general perception […]

Why you should embrace radical innovation

There is no doubt that incremental innovation is the dominant form of innovation. Radical innovation is generally complex, involving a lengthy and risky process. Especially smaller firms, or new market entrants, can play important roles in introducing radical innovations. The distribution of radical innovations nearly always depends on incremental improvements, refinements and modifications of complementary […]