Ole Jakob Thorsen, Partner at ETEQ Venture

  • M.Sc.Econ, Copenhagen Business School
  • Entrepreneurial executive with extensive general and commercial management experience (business development, sales and marketing)
  • Experience ranges from blue-chip to start-ups and includes build-up, maintain, change and restructuring/turn-around roles. Significant start-up and M&A track record.
  • Skilled negotiator able to lead and conclude complex negotiations.
  • Strong strategic and analytical skills, but also hands-on and implementation mindset leading to solid execution of plans.
  • Cross-culturally sensitive with extensive international experience from interim or expatriate stints in UK, Belgium and Lithuania and work experience from most European countries as well as US.
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills.

Thomas Einfeldt, Partner at ETEQ Venture

  • M.Sc.Econ, University of Aarhus
  • Senior finance and communications professional with over 20 years of experience in corporate communication, corporate strategy development, investment banking, financial analysis and training
  • Career includes extensive business management experience from the fund management industry, from executive positions in strategic business development and investor relations at a large software company and from co-founding a corporate communication and investor relations consultancy.